1995 chevy w/ 1987 350 - too much fuel

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Forum' started by jawi89, Apr 10, 2011.

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    I've got a question that I hope somebody can answer for me. I've got a 1995 chevy shortbox. It had a 350 with a throttle body in it. I had it changed to a 1987 350 that I had. Its been missing and sputtering since I got it back.I put a new tps sensor and a new map sensor in it yesterday and its still missing. If you take off the air cleaner and look into the throttle body its dripping gas instead of misting or atomizing the gas. Its doing that out of both injectors. Does anybody else have an idea of what may be doing it. Could it be the fuel pump not putting out enough pressure to the injectors or maybe another sensor. I did hook it up to a handheld computer and it said the map or the maf sensor werent working. I'm really kind of at my wits end with it. From what I've read on the internet It doesn't have a maf sensor. Thanks beforehand for any help.
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    Try changing the coolant temp sensor.. located beside thermostat housing.
    Get it out of the equation... cost 10 bucks , and clean the grounds there.
    go from here.
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    If the injectors are weeping / dripping fuel then LOW pressure is not a problem.
    Either you have bad injectors (cleaning may save them)
    or the injectors are getting a wrong spray signal.

    Since you are also seeing sensor error code,
    I would start by unplugging the injector wiring to see
    if they still leak.

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