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Thread: What is the Z71 suspension??? some more ???'s

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    What is the Z71 suspension??? some more ???'s

    What is the Z71 suspension and how does it differ from the "normal" 4x4 susp??

    What is the difference between a 1500 and a 2500 and a 3500 etc... I know that they have different axles, but is the frame more heavy duty as well??

    Can you make the 10 bolt axle any better without getting a 2500 with a 14 bolt??

    Will I lose alot of mpg if I do a 3 or 4 inch susp lift??

    Did Chevrolet change the material of gas tanks at some point in thier trucks, from stamped steel to plastic??

    Would you get a GM Performance engine or rebuild your 5.7 with upgraded parts...opinion vs. costs....what would be the better route for more hp/tq and reliability. I would like to make at least as much as 340 crank hp and over 400tq. But I would also like it to last as long as the stock motor does.

    I have a 96 Z71 ext cab w5.7 first truck so I have lots of ?'s

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    not sure about the difference between z71 and 4x4.

    The frames for the 2500/3500 should be the same but also should be bigger than a 1500.

    you can probably get stronger axels for the 10 bolt but it will not do alot of good because you are still using a smaller ring and pinion etc..

    I don't think lifting the vehicle would change mpg until you start regearing etc..

    almost all auto makers use a plastic tank now

    if you are going to spend the money a good gm crate motor will probably be the best bet. They will have a better warranty and be just as dependable as any other motor.
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    Okay not to many answers from all the knowledgeable people on this site. I found out that the Z71 has beefier shocks, and a sticker and thats about it.

    Still waiting on a definitive answer on the 1500, 2500, and 3500 differences. I know that the bigger trucks have the 14 rear and some have solid front axles.....

    So a 10 bolt rear isn't really all that great....much rather have a stonger rear axle, should have bought a 2500

    I am also really thinking of the HT383E motor from GM Performance, drop in 340hp. Sounds great to me.

    I am also thinking of switching to a plastic tank as mine is steel.

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    the 8.5" 10 bolt is a good rear, with a very strong aftermarket/perforamance following. when properly built they can hold there own through 11 seconds in the 1/4. It will last you a long time if you put money into it.

    You will lose mpg with a lift. the aerodynamics get all messed up when the truck goes higher.

    as far as a motor, I'd go with a 383 stroker for torque. as far as rebuilding vs crate, that depends on your time and cash budget..
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    z71 is just an extra shock in the front on each side and skid plates

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    Z71 has better shocks, Skid plates on the front and transfer case. Other than that its just a sticker. As for the rear diff. Look arounfd the local bone yard for a short bed 2500. They have 6 lug axles but are actually 8.5 ring and pinion 14 bolt diffs. Real strong and alot have gov lock traction devises in them from the factory
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    Chevyguy is right, Bilstien shocks all the way around and stainless steel skid plates, ALSO No Z71 trucks came with less than a 3.73 gear ratio no matter 5.7 or 5.0 and all had P or LT 265 75 R16 tires.
    4X4 trucks came with 3.42 3.73 even a 3.07 rear. They had P or LT 245 75 R16 or P 265 75 R16. All had a mechanical locking Diff, that was speed sensitive. It was part of the "Like a Rock" era of 1988.

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