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Thread: 1997 Chevy K1500

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    1997 Chevy K1500

    Hey guys new to this forum and hoping that maybe yall can help me with my truck. I just rebuilt the motor after spinning the number 8 rod bearing. Motor is now back in and running pretty good just have a few minor problems..

    1) Truck has DTC code P0340 (camshaft position Sensor A- Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction) and code P0441 (EVAP Emission Control System Purge Flow Fault).. What maybe are the cause and solution to these problems

    2) Also truck runs fairly smooth except for when I let off the gas pedal seems like there is a jerk in the truck when i let off the throttle...

    3) and lastly i believe the rear main seal has started to leak is there any special tricks to putting the seal in (seal was replaced with rebuild) or have yall had any problems with this seal leaking...

    Thanks to anybody that responds any helped is greatly appreciated

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    not sure about the p0340 code. did you install the motor or did a shop? if the cam sensor is bad or too far out of timing it could be causing the jerk.

    the p0441 could just be in need of a gas cap.

    the seal I'm not sure. if you had a shop replace motor I would take it back to them and have them fix it.
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    No I put the motor in myself.. Will probably be taking the truck to the dealership to have them check the timing for me if it is correct guess I will replace the cam sensor..

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