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Thread: Popping/binding in front end

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    Popping/binding in front end

    I have a 99 K2500 crew cab that acts like it is in 4 wheel drive all the time.

    Whenever you turn it feels like it has a locking differential in the front end with the 4WD engaged. When I do engage the 4WD it gets worse.

    I don't hear any sort of noise when driving straight so I don't know if my CV joints are shot or not.

    Have any of you had issues like this and are willing to steer me in the right direction.

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    i've noticed worn cv joints on fwd cars when turing extreme sharp and giving it quite a bit of torque.

    might want to make sure the actuator motor is pulling it all the way out of gear in the front diff.
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    are any of your axle boots ripped/torn? or is grease comming out? these are signs that an axle could be failing (due to foreign material finding its way in.) other wise a thing you can try is removing the front differential actuator, it is on the passenger side of front differential, with it out your front diff is "free" and axles should move freely, when you pull it out it should be retracted (in) if its out when unplugged its toast. so check this first, does your 4wd light work in dash properly?

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    if ur truck has a front axel acuitotor(sp) it could be bad and the front axel is locked. it could cause the "feel" of 4wd and not be ib 4wd until u lock it and it gets worse
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    popping Binding?

    my truck has a locker in the front and when i turn real sharp or one tire in ice or snow or something you can feel it locking and not wanting to turn but it is normal in that respect, never had any problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by o3shortbed View Post
    if ur truck has a front axel acuitotor(sp) it could be bad and the front axel is locked. it could cause the "feel" of 4wd and not be ib 4wd until u lock it and it gets worse

    Very good. This truck does have an actuator, and the axle disconnect is probably engaged. This means that the front axle has to turn all of the drivetrain componets, and could bind the front end a little. While this would only be like driving around with the hubs locked, it could make the front feel heavy.

    What type of front differential did you upgrade to? I am not aware of any "Lockers" available for the stock GM 8.25" IFS front end.
    Besides, even if it had a locker, if the axle disconnect was functional, the locker would exceed greater than 70 RPM differential speed, and it would remain locked all the time. These front axles do not have locking hubs, so the front end would remain locked under normal driving conditions.
    Would like to know what type of locker you have, so I can learn how it works.

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