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Thread: 98 Silverado Trailer Brake Control

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    Unhappy 98 Silverado Trailer Brake Control

    Anybody out there ever hard wired one of these critters? I just found out today they didn't have a brake control harness available till the 99 models. My local RV dealer said it would cost near $200, and I wouldn't even get a kiss. I'd rather throw out an anchor to get her stopped.

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    my trucks a 98 and was wired but it had heavy duty trailering equiptment option, anyways have put a few in, 200 bucks ain`t bad if it comes with a controller,

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    i used to work for an RV dealership and have wired a few of the older chevy trucks up with brake controllers, 200 is pretty high if you ask me, if you bought your rv from them and they're charging you that much to put in a $60-$80 brake controller they dont think much of their customers, takes about 30 min to wire one of these things up and im a rookie at it.

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    ive been looking into the same thing. heres a helpful link Electric Trailer Brake Controller Installation scroll down some and theres a diagram, hope this helps

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    easy as he11.
    installed one on my 1/2 ton chevy and one on my dakota.

    buy the unit, has a 4 wire hookup (at least mine does, the impulse digital display one)

    1 heavy wire goes from unit to back bumper. that's for electric brake.
    1 hot goes directly to battery fused.
    1 ground goes directly to battery
    1 goes to brake petal assembly, but the hot side. used a test light to determine.
    when you short your light out, it should light up, and enagage brake lights on truck without using petal. this is so when you manually squeeze your brake unit, it turns on your trucks brake lights and trailer brake lights, without acutally pushing your brake petal; for when trailer braking (bad weather, preventing jack-knifing.

    THEN you buy the acutal plug hookup 7 way at the bumper., and just tap the blinkers and stuff into the 4 way thinger. don't forget to use silicone sealer or gasket sealer to keep salt out of the copper. 1 year later everything WILL fall apart like cookie crumbs.

    for $200 you better be seeing some custom air brakes or some sh1t installed.
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