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Thread: 2002 Silverado Door Speakers

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    2002 Silverado Door Speakers

    I found this forum looking for door speaker dimensions for my 2002 Silverado. I've found a couple of threads that say they are 6.5" dia. But I need to now how deep they can be. I've called the local dealer's parts dept. and they couldn't answer this ?. Crutchfield hasn't answered my ? in 3 days so I guess I'm outta luck on that one. If someone knows the answer, I'm going to replace all the speakers before I give this truck to my son. I think the pillar speakers are 4" X 6". If there's any special considerations in doing this I would appreciate the help. thank you

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    Crutchfield may not give you the exact depth, but they will list the speakers that will definitely fit, and the speakers will have specs. Therefore you can determine the depth that way. But basically a good safe bet is a set of Sony Xplods or pioneer. They are the best sounding, shallow speakers out there, for the money I think, being inexpensive too, and they will definitely fit. It is a safe bet, and you can pick them up at wal-mart for a great price.

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    the pillar speakers are 4x6 and the door are 6 1/2 just about any speaker you get will fit depth wise. i recomend the sony xploid from spralw-mart the fit nicley and sound great. ive got them in both my chevys and no problems what-so-ever
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    I am not sure on the size or what style your truck is but I know most of the newer versions have BOSE speakers and your probably not going to be happy if you change them out. The only real problem I have seen with them is the tweeter tabs tend to break off and the flop around in the door.

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