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Thread: 1968 Chevy c10 project

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    1968 Chevy c10 project

    Hello everyone, my father gave me his 1968 chevy c10 recently and i'm in need of some answers to some upgrades i plan for it. The truck is a longbed but i want to put in a shortbed sidestep. How would i go about converting it and what would i have to move or change in order to make it work? i plan on working on the truck with a friend that knows a bit about cars, but i dont want to start chopping up the truck without some knowledge. Forums look great by the way, hope to be around for awhile. Thanks!

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    Shortening the bed? I would venture a guess and say right away that you will need to shorten the frame too. Also consider the wheel base. Some of the short bed trucks had a different wheel base then the long beds, so measure the wheel wells to make sure they will line up right. Curious though, why? A '68 in great shape is worth more original then chopped up. Just a thought......

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    Those frames are easy to shorten, me and my dad have made a couple of short wheelbase trucks out of long ones. The wheelbase is 12 inches shorter and the rear of the frame needs 6 inches cut off of it, if you have coil springs out back the trailing arms are the same for both wheelbases, If you don't want to cut yours up I know where I can get a short wheelbase frame from a 69.


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    go to power block tv , then trucks they did just the same thing , turned out great

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    Question 1968 Chev k-10 identification

    I have a 1968 Chev K-10 that I am having a tough time finding a lift kit for.....I have ran all the numbers, vin, frame, engine, dif numbers, etc, and all come back as 1968. The problem is, that this truck has 56" rear leaf springs, and all shops I talk to on a lift, tell me that there is no way for it to be a 68 with 56" leafs, "It has to be newer than '74". So see my dilemma.......The frame does not have any extra holes in it, and there are still rivets, (not bolts), mounting the rear suspension. Do I just order a 48" suspension and move the rear mounts......But that does not help me with what this frame is......Would it be a special order? Even the 3/4 tons don't have the long leafs until 74 and after......

    Any help, or "pointing in the right direction" would certainly help, as I need to know what the frame is???

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