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Thread: Pickup Topper - Dodge fit on a Chevy?

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    Pickup Topper - Dodge fit on a Chevy?

    Looking at a neighbor's Leer pickup topper. He had it on a 2000 Dodge long bed. Will this fit on my 2002 Chevy 2500HD? Anyone with experience with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I wouldn't swear to it. but I'm guessing if the truck beds are the same size it shouldn't be a problem. cant you just pull out a tape and measure it to see? thats what I'd do
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    Measure the width of the front where it meets the cab at the base, AND also the back. Chevy beds are known to be about two inches wider near the cab then by the tailgate. Where as Dodge is the same front and rear. I do not know the measurements off hand, but make sure that the rear will not hang over the edges. I swapped in a Ladder rack off a ford once to my chevy and ran into this problem. Theory works, but practical application does not always follow. Hope it works for ya.

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