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Thread: z71 fuel pump

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    z71 fuel pump

    I have a 97 gmc z71 about a year ago i replaced the fuel pump, not to long afterwards when I went to start my truck the pump wouldnt prime, a guy I know told me to hit the gas tank with and then try to start it. It worked so now I keep a 4x4 in the back of my truck so when this happens I can get the pump to prime. I think it must be in the wiring of the pump itself. Any ideas of how I can fix this?

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    There was a super post on this very thing a couple of months ago. Do a search and see if you can fond it.

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    Yep I had that problem its not the wiring its just that they have real bad pumps and they fry often. I've had my 96 for four years now and have had to put in a pump once a year. Keep the tank over half full and you will prolong the life of the pump a little while or atleast thats what I'm finding out.

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    yeah the fuller the tank it will keep the pump cool so it doesn't get hot
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    if your having all these problems with the internal pump why not go with an aftermarket external pump you probley could have paid for it by now

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    i thought the problem was that it actually is the wireing in the connection to the pump. we jsut replaced my dads (again) in his 96 and there was a piece of pper inside the new pumps box about the issue
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    It's going to give out one day the 4x4 is just to get you home replace with A/C Delco look how long it has lasted.

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    What are you talking about (4x4 in back of truck).
    I thought all chevy trucks came with a rubber hammer to hit the fuel tank a few times when the pump would not work. This to get you home or the repair shop.

    Had mine 2000 chevy 2500 series pump replaced by Gm at 45K for $600.

    GM tech told me to change fuel filter every 15K and never let tank get below 1/4 full as having plenty of gas in tank helps keep fuel pump cool. Do not know if this is true, but have tried to keep tank over 1/4 full all the time,

    May not be able to know as gas is so high. Truck has a 34 gal tank,

    So far so good, truck now has 80K.

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    Hitting the tank will usually only work a few times (I know from experience). I've replaced the pumps in both my 97 GMC and 92 Chevy and have had good luck with them so far. I also worked at a NAPA Auto Care center and we had the same guy's 94 Chevy in for like four pumps within about a year or two. We found out that the parts store had gotten a bad batch of pumps and they warrantied the defective ones, some stores are good about that, you may want to check into it. I was told the failures had to do with alcohol being in the gas (MN requires a min. 10% but it's different by state). When we replaced pumps, we put in the wiring update kit and also replaced the fuel filter.

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