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Thread: Carbon Fiber Tonneau Cover?

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    Carbon Fiber Tonneau Cover?

    I was just thinking about this last week and thought this would be a sweet idea. I love carbon fiber coming from owning Hondas

    Tonneau covers are spendy the way it is and I know you can buy carbon fiber hoods for like 200 to 300 bucks. So I figured a tonneau cover would probably be around $400 to $600. Since it wouldn't need any vents or scoops it just has to be flat with round edges. And they would be really really light probably 10#s or less. I might think about doing this or finding someone to make one. Just going to be hard for me to find a huge sheets of it to make it. I've never worked with it and would probably let the pros handle it.

    Anyone else like that idea?

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    04' Honda VTX 1300 S

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    a cover like what you are describing was a grand installed for a nissan last year here in town. i like the vinyl or hard plastic that can be removed in the event that you need to carry something that will not fit underneath that tonneau cover.

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    Real carbon fiber is crazy expensive and will be more than a few hundred bucks. Many manufacturers do not even excede 4' x 8' dimensions. You will need a piece larger than this to accommodate a bed cover.
    Now I was pricing some simple veneer in genuine carbon fiber, and a 4x8 sheet is over 1100 bucks (US) plus shipping. While weight is not a concern the size is.
    Even a glass cover is not cheap, and if you laminate the thing ti will cost a fortune.
    Many less expensive hoods and such is a "carbon look" and not carbon fiber.

    This piece would be huge and difficult to make. Air bubbles will not be easy to work out if you chose to actually make one from scratch. You will have to find an appropriate filler, and determine how much material you will use. Rolls start at over 50 bucks a yd so this can get crazy expensive.
    You will undoubtedly want to vacuum bag this because of its shape. This will become a bit of a task in itself.
    This woud be quite the project.
    By the way, carbon is real tough on tools. Unlike fiberglass, this stuff tears up consumables.

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    i have a 03 Z71 short bed and my fiberglass cover cost me around 1500 bucks. it was already black and my truck is black so that 1500 isnt including paint matching cost either. the only bad thing is the lock/latch always freezing shut in the winter and i work construction so i have tools and stuff in the back. it refuses lock de-icer for some reason too and when its cold out the things that hold it up on each side dont work so i have to use a broken broom handle to keep it from whacking me in the head. the covers do wonders for truck, i think they look sharp...worth 1500 bucks? i think not

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    Look on you might find a used fiberglass cover for your truck then just paint it to look like carbon fiber or have one of those companies that make huge stickers to place on vehicles to make you one to place on the cover. It would be so much cheaper if you just want the look of carbon fiber. But what do I know.

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    I just bought a Fiberglass cover off Craigs list, was listed for $150.00 so I called and met with the owner. First the color was Red my truck is Dark Blue,2nd the cover would not fit right due to the Tailgate protector. After about 30 min. the guy says you are the only person who has called in 2 days give me $100.00. Now I'm trying find a reasonable painter, have been Quoted $250-300.00

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    I recommend you get yourself a vinyl roll-up cover from Access Cover, it will cost you about the same as your home made carbon cover. But a roll-up cover is more practical, easy to install, and some of them comes with a Life Time Warranty, so you will never have to worry about it.
    I am really happy with the one I have. I bought mine here: - Roll-Up Covers - Category Details

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