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Thread: wire plow lights to a toggle switch

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    wire plow lights to a toggle switch

    ok guys need ur help i am feeling pretty dumb today i just replaced my old western plow lights with new 2b1 balbs ok i turned the truck on to see if they worked and only the low beam came on and they were pretty dim so i poped the hood to check out the wireing situation and it looks like a rats nest they just hard wired them in they never used a harness instead of spending ours straitening out this mess i want to hook the lights up to a toggle switch that should take half the time i already have the plow light switch to turn them off and gose back to regular lights but i want to some how use a switch were they are not conected to my regular lights at all so i can power them on and maybe put a floor dimmer switch for high and low beam if this sounds like it can be done or if you have any other ideas on the situation please leave some feedback thank you

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    your opening a whole can of worm's . join and log into this web site they can possibly help you .

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    use 2 toggles, and relays and make your own harness, make sure you use a switched power to activate the relay so you don't leave the plow lights on
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    sure you can but its just ez er to do it the way the plow is set up for. look at all you grounds

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