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Thread: 2007 Silverado 1500 - 2 body styles?

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    2007 Silverado 1500 - 2 body styles?

    I'm looking at a used 2007 Silverado on craigslist and it has the older body style from 2006. I asked the owner and he said there were two body styles in 07. I checked the carfax report and it is an 07. It was purchased Jan 2007. Is anyone aware of these two body styles in 07? If it had the old body style, did it not have any of the other upgraded changes that happened in '07?

    2007 Chevy Silverado ext. Cab LT 4 x 4

    Any one have an opinion on the price of $17,500 for a 2007 Silverado 1500 LT (power locks and windows, cloth seats, front bench seat, push button 4wd), 4.8L with 17,000 miles on it?

    Edmunds pricing is around $19K. KBB is around $23K, but I think they're way high on their estimates.



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    price out a brand new one like it and compare!
    4 wheels move the body
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    the 2 styles he is referring to was the one that GM used from 03 to 06 with the squinty headlamps. the other style looked alot like the 2000/2001 body style.

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    Well I did a little research and in 2007 they offered the Silverado Classic along side the newer body style. The classic is basically the same truck they sold the year before (same body style from 2003 forward). And it looks like it does not have the upgraded interior features.

    Nada actually has pricing that distinguishes between the two styles and prices the Classic about $1000 lower than the "New" 2007. Seems to me it's an ok deal, but I'm not all that excited about a white truck.

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    I do beleive there were GMT-800s (classic) and GMT-900s (latest model) around in 07`

    I wasn`t a big fan of white trucks either, but it has its adavantages, keeps cooler in summer, and can easily be made to look better with a decal or body kit.

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    Ditto Stump. I do not like White vehicles. But with some dark tinted glass, shiney polsihed wheels, they can look awesome. Also if you want graphics added to a vehicle, white is the color to get. They stand off great on white, no matter what colors you are using. I have a buddy with a plotter and he can make some awesome graphics when he puts his mind to it. So far he is only doing motorcylcle tanks and they are awesome.
    And I see you have already figured out about the "Classic" in 07. Just a way GM was able to carry the left over old body style into the era of the new body style. I hear it was also just a marketing ploy so the dealers could list leader priced 2007 model cheap cheap, then when you get there thinking you are on a new body style truck, you're not, but they got you in the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpuller454 View Post
    I do beleive there were GMT-800s (classic) and GMT-900s (latest model) around in 07`
    Correct. Any model year 07' truck built before 2007 was a GMT-800 and dubbed "classic". Any model year 07' truck built in 07' is a GMT-900 and is the NBS truck.

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