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Thread: Info On 350 Rebuild For 1992 Chevy

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    Question Info On 350 Rebuild For 1992 Chevy

    I'm rebuilding a 350 for a 1992 chevy silverado. I want to go back with a TBI, except upsize it to a little bigger one. I also will probably be boring the block about 20 to 30 over. The heads will be shaved slightly and also larger valves will be installed. I will be going with roller rocker arms. The crank will get turned. Now for the cam, I'm in a dilema about which cam to buy. I want it to be better than stock. Nothing radical, but with a noticeable difference. I will be using the truck for everyday use and occasionally pulling a boat. I have about $1500 to spend on this motor. I also would appreciate any suggestion on valve sizes and gasket/seal kits. All tips would be appreciated. thanks

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    I chose to run the 300 hp 327 cam. It has all the power that I need for right now. If you run the cam you will need to have a chip burned though. You can run it with out a chip but it will run a lot better with one. let me know it this helps. Ben

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