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Thread: Smog System Removal?

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    Smog System Removal?

    I have a 1988 Chevy 1500 that is basically stock (for now). I bought the truck about 8 months ago and now after saving up some money I plan to start its transformation into a fuctional off road rig. It has a 350 v8 with a manual trans with low miles and it now runs great after working out any mechanical problems and driving it for awhile. I am to the point where I want to start making it into the off road rig I planned on building in the first place. First thing I'm working on is the performance part. Basic bolt on stuff, because I dont have the ability or money to do an engine swap, or major computer tuning. I am working on a limited budget here out of my garage. I want to get a set of headers and run a duel exhaust. Which brings me to a little problem. I would LOVE to get rid of that stupid ugly smog pump apparatus. I have heard nothing but bad things of how it robs power and limits the engines capibility. How do I do this without messing up the trucks computer and engine monitoring systems. Is it possible? I dont know much about the smog set up, other than it recirculates exhaust gasses and helps with the idle? so can anyone tell me how to remove it properly while keeping my 350 happy. I havnt started cuting or removing anything yet, because I dont want to seriously mess anything up. My other option is to keep the smog system and plumb it into the headers... but, thats ugly. I would much rather just have it gone

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    you can take it off as long as you have a good friend at your local inspection station, or someone that doesnt look. here in TX, the smog pump, even with a safety only inspection, must appear to be in solid working order. notice the word appear?? lots of people will do a few little tinkering type deals that pretty much renders the smog system inoperable but retains the stock working appearance.
    doing away with the smog system on your truck will probably start throwing O2 sensor codes at you later on down the road.

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    any smog inspections up there , if not CAREFULLY remove that stuff , it's like gold to restorer's


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    The truck is going to be used mainly offroad, So I am basically free to do whatever i want to the truck. I dont think I have ever heard of smog testing up here, so I think I will be ok. Thanks for the help

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    i have a 88 454 , i took all the guts out of pump and basicly it's just a free turning pulley system , so i didn't have to rework the belt , i put headman headers on with no air inlets , if you price out headers with air inlets , lookout for the price ,

    that way for months now , no codes , run great

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