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Thread: reverse lights not working?

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    reverse lights not working?

    my reverse lights aren't coming on when i put my truck in reverse, all the others work, what is the problem? my friend said something about a switch on the side of the transmission?

    its a 2000 silverado ls with the 4.3

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    first check the fuse and then the bulbs ,then the backup light switch for adjustment or just failure . check were you loose power and go from there.

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    Welcome to the forum bigshot846.

    Start by checking the 25A B/U LP fuse.
    Where the switch is depends on which trans you have.
    M/T should be with trans,
    A/T is part of the park/nuetral position switch.
    You also want to check the 15A VEH B/U fuse.

    If the fuse is blown and blows again when replaced,
    remove the TRLR B/U fuse to simplify troubleshooting.
    Theoretically that smaller 10A fuse should have blown first
    if it was a problem with trailer wires, but doesn't always.
    Wires at trailer connector can cause problems even if no trailer.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.
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    check your tail light connector plate, I found this to be my problem when my backup/ signal didnt work. Sometimes they short out, check with your local parts store, their inexpensive.

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