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Thread: 89 chevy 350 No spark

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    89 chevy 350 No spark

    I have a 89 chevy truck with a 350 in it. Its been randomly dying while I'm driving and than I could let it sit for a little while and it would start back up. But this morning it died on my way to work and would not restart. I am getting fuel at TB but I am getting no spark at the coil. I did replace the coil and cap and rotor but no change. I checked power at the pink wire that comes from the ignition switch and I am not getting power. I checked the fuse at dash above the pedals and the fuse is good. I checked continuity of the pink wire from the coil connector to the fuse and it is open. I than disconnected the junction box at the firewall and checked from there to the coil wire and that is ok. From the other side of the junction box to the fuse is still open. I am just trying to figure out what else this wire is tied into and if I can just bypass the wire through the harness to the fuse instead of trying to pull the main harness apart.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum enasnitsi.

    You probably could bypass the bulkhead connector,
    running from coil to cab.
    Depending on exactly which model you have,
    there may or may not be a fuse between coil and key.
    Although the pink wire "hots" some fuses under dash,
    it often is doing that in parallel and the fuse have nothing to do with coil.
    Some models use an inline fuse between key and coil, look for one.

    I would not recommend bypassing the bulkhead connector as first choice.
    Try to find out why it's failing, if in fact it's to blame.
    Is the whole connector coming apart and this is your warning ?
    Think you would be more likely to have problems with the inside/cab side
    of connector, especially around splice for key/coil/fuse.

    That truck is one of the C/K vs R/V wire change years,
    so I have trouble remembering the details. Should be easy to chase down.
    Don't quit on it, you're doing a great job so far, keep going.

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    I got the wire fixed that runs from the ignition to the coil and I now have 12 volts at the coil. I am still not getting any spark though. I believe the pickup coil is good because I am getting fuel spray and that controls that. I also measured about 1volt AC at the pickup coil. The only thing left I believe would be the ignition control module. I am going to try another distributor tomorrow and see what that does. The only other question I have is which wire the pickup coil gets power from. I believe it comes from behind the plastic cover on the passenger side firewall. Just not sure what color wire it is. I think it is tan and white but if someone has any other info to help me out that would be great.


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