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Thread: 88 C1500 rear brake light, tail light and everything else

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    Question 88 C1500 rear brake light, tail light and everything else

    I know this has been beat to death but here it goes again
    my 1988 chevy C1500 w/4.3 auto, 2wd has rear light issues all of a sudden. I won't be able to look at it until tomorrow evening so any thoughts or imput would be great prior to then.
    Here's what I know is going on:
    1.)all front lights signals and flashers working correctly.
    2.) with lights off the turn signals work fine, when apply brakes they speed up. I have no running lights on the rear at anytime.
    3.) If I turn the lights on I loose the brakes and the signals on rear completely.
    4.) I bought new tail light assemblies (left and right) from
    5.) I will be taking a check light and multimeter through the rear and up the harness tomorrow evening with my wife helping from the drivers seat
    Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts on this issue!

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    sounds like bad grounds, make sure they are not corroded

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    there is a wire under the plastic/rubber piece on top of the rear bumper find it/ fix it and it will probably solve the problem

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    Thanks guys! You all were dead on it was right on the back cross member, someone had been there before and did a hack job of it. I soldered a new wire in and shrink wrapped it and everything is working as it should.

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    Similar Issues: I have read and tried about everything
    I have a 1996 Chevy 1/2 ton

    My problem is Whenever i depress the brake pedal I blow the #1 fuse hazard - stop
    I have checked the relay it performs correctly in as well as out
    I have recently installed a 7 pin connector into the factory towing wiring all test out fine with a good ground i have tested them on the connectors poles as well as before and after my splices as well
    I have tested before and after I took out the new T connecter for the four pin bumper connector good as well
    I replaced what seemed to be burned out middle lights on my truck (blinker's - stop light bulb)
    still blowing fuses #1 when i depress the brake pedal
    with Both blinker assemblies unconnected it doesnt blow the fuse
    I rechecked and cleaned all connections still blowing fuses when brake pedal is depressed
    This doesn t have the circuitry on the back of blinker assembly
    oah yeah hazard switch seems to be broken doesn t keep depressed
    Any help is appreciated
    I m needing to get this fixed asap since i still need to hook up brake controller
    which is another question where in the is the wire for the brake switch
    ( but don t want to make a brick out of it)

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