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Thread: When to use gasket sealer on a gasket

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    Question When to use gasket sealer on a gasket

    I am fixing up my 1991 K1500 with the 5.7L engine and have just a general question. When do you use gasket sealer with a gasket and when not to?

    I also notice that nearly all of the gaskets I have removed from the engine were not installed with any sealant on them at all so my idea is to just reinstall the new gaskets the same way. In fact, so far I haven't run into a single gasket that was installed with sealer and that sure makes removal of the old gasket quite easy:

    water pump
    oil pan
    oil filter adapter

    So, what opinions do others have about when to use a gasket sealer and when not to?


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    If I use sealer it is usually to hold the gasket in place while I do the install. Valve covers for example.

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    I like using copper gasket on the gaskets for install
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    3m spray adhesive works great.I dont use gaskets at the intake ends.Just a 1/4in bead of rtv.Dab of rtv at the oil pan corners.
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    what is the difference between K and C pickups?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93bluesilverrad View Post
    what is the difference between K and C pickups?????
    I think it's to do with what it can hold in weight but im not 100% sure.

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    C~ 4x2
    K~ 4x4
    <----just your average 5.3

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