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Thread: How do I swap engines from 84 carbureted 350 chev blazer to 92 f/i chev truck?

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    How do I swap engines from 84 carbureted 350 chev blazer to 92 f/i chev truck?

    Hi guys.... I just bought a 92 fuel injected chev stepside 4x4 for my son and want to put in the engine from my carbureted 1984 350 chav blazer. Will this work? Any special way it has to be done? Keeping it fuel injected would be a plus..... Please help.

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    Your talking a lot of work. If i was going to swap leave it carbed.

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    swap in the engine,and the computer,sensors and wiring. you will need a electric fuel pump with new lines. are you swaping the trans also?

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    dont forget to block off the mechanical fuel pump port on the side of the block.

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    he's putting the carb engine into the chevy pickup thats already fuel injected. its easy. take off the mech fuel pump and transfer over block off plate. next you need to modify the center holes on the tbi intake manifold. the holes are at different angles. just oblong the holes till you can put bolts in and tighten them to snag but not to tight or you'll crack the manifold. its pretty easy.

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    I just completed a similar swap out I put a 1980 carburetor V-8 350 in a 1995 that had a vortec V-6 EFI and a standard transmission it was a little more work then you will be in for because I had to change motor mounts and fan shroud from the V-6 to V-8, but I could use the serpentine belt system off of the V-6 it mounted up fine except having to change the water pump from an 80’s model to the 90’s model (serpentine systems run the pump in the opposite direction) I also went with the mechanical fuel pump and pulled the electric fuel pump relay (too much pressure). Swapped out the Oil/water temp sending units with the 95’s and Ran a hot wire from the terminal box (it has to be hot even with the key in the start position) to the Distributor and re-worked the throttle linkage and it runs fine and all the gauges work fine hope this helps.

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    Hope I'm not stealing the thread...I have a 96 Vortec 350 that's already carbureted, what would be involved with putting this in my 95 with 4.3 TBI? I do not want injection on the 350. It would break my heart to 86 the computer altogether

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    Seems to me that you could simply exchange the intake maniford from the FI engine to the carbed engine along with all other emissions junk.
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