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Thread: 2000 silverado heater doesnt get hot

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    2000 silverado heater doesnt get hot

    I put in a new heater core last winter. Now this winter my heater is working but very little heat from it. 1 hose is hot 1 is not. No control valve under the hood, guess it's inside the cab somewhere? Can someone steer me in the right direction pleez?

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    Sounds like either that new core is plugged or there is still air in it. Could the hoses be hooked up wrong? Try taking off both lines and pour coolant through it to see if it is just empty or blocked
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    Welcome to the forum.
    You have probably checked your temp guage and determined your engine is running at normal operating temperature.
    If so, then I second the motion for checking that core to be certain it's not plugged up... presuming as after you installed the new heater core last year it was working to your satisfaction. ... Which if so makes it strange that now one hose is hot and the other... not so much.
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