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Thread: 1995 Chevy Silverado (Need Transmission Info) 5.7

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    1995 Chevy Silverado (Need Transmission Info) 5.7

    I am the original owner of a 1995 Chevy Silverado. I just turned 270,000 miles.
    It has been may daily driver for almost 16 years. Last week we had our first snow storm in Michigan and I drove it to work. On the way home it suddenly started revving really high and not moving like normal. Could only get up to 40, revving about 3000 RPM. Obviously a transmission issue.

    I still have 1, 2, and Reverse. 3, and OD now just rev without movement after 15mph.

    Looking for anyone with transmission experience, especially with this vehicle. From the posts I have been reading it looks like a 4L60E Transmission? L05 Engine?

    I bought it in August, don't know the exact build date. Don't know if that matters. I only say that because I have read some posts that early 95s may be different.

    Any help anyone could give me would be great. What repairs might I need and how much will I be looking at?



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    sounds like the trany shift solinodes our shop truck had the same problem had the trany shop put in new ones and it worked great have the trany shop scan it first to be sure

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    should be the 4l60E, its just an electronic version of the 700r4, even share some of the same parts.. Are you going to search for another tranny or have that one rebuilt/fixed? it is not uncommon to lose 3rd.. when 3rd dies it obviously cant shift into 4th.. the way you described it sounds like you lost the 3rd gear clutches.. what does the fluid look like/smell like?

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    Yes, it's a 4L60E. Sounds like it's time for a rebuild. Unless you personally know someone who can rebuild it for you, I would suggest a GM crate trans. I have been an ASE certified mechanic and working on cars for 16 years now. I have rebuilt my own transmissions, but it seems professional trans shops are a waist of time and money. The ones I've delt with here in Houston only replace what's bad and leave the rest for the next time. I don't trust them. Especially when you're spending that kind of money. At least with a factory re-man, you're getting all new parts inside a referbished case. And a warranty more than 60 days. I can train a monkey to build a trans that will last 60 days. If it were a solinoid issue, it would only have 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, not 1 and 2.

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    Thanks guys

    Thanks guys. I don't know what to say. All good information.
    Sounds like I have two choices. Complete rebuild or a crate transmission.
    I have reservations about taking it somewhere to get rebuilt.
    Let me sit on this for a few days. Sounds like my everyday ride is going
    to be resting this winter out.

    Thanks again. Much appreciated!


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    To respond to roadblock-I just had a problem with my 97 fullsize with 350 4l60e. I had reverse,1,2,and 3 but stayed in 3rd. No 4th or OD. I drained, pulled the pan, and took out both solenoids. One was good, the other felt stuck. If you shake them, you can feel something moving back and forth. One did not. Anyway, I replaced both and trans is perfect now. So I don't agree with your post about having only 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. I'm SURE that I had three gears as I shifted it manually many times. Not trying to one-up anyone just hoping to help out someone with the same problem. I was nervous as **** thinking my 4th gear clutches were shot, but turns out just a 23 dollar solenoid. My lucky day.

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