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Thread: Chevy 2500 Diesel Turning over not starting (stranding me in no where...)

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    Chevy 2500 Diesel Turning over not starting (stranding me in no where...)

    Hey all - I have a 2006 2500 Duramax Diesel with about 93,000 miles. Driving up from SoCal today and stopped and had no problem starting back up earlier. Then tonight, I pull into the hotel and then go back out to move the truck and Bam, it turns over, but won't start. The headlights dim/cut out when I turn it over, but there is no starting. There are new batteries, clean connections. So, here I am, knowing I'm not where I can fix it, no anyone who is a good mechanic, and just don't want to get ripped off. So, I'm thinking either starter or fuel pump? Sound in the ball park?

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    The Duramax had a problem with injectors. Check to see if any diesel fuel in the engine oil. Believe there is 100,000mls warranty on injectors. Also check that there is no security light on in the dash. Could be fuel pump. Hopefully someone that knows more than me will give an opinion.
    Good luck with getting on the road again.

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    thanks - definitely fuel related

    So, I called the Chevy dealer/shop i work with in the am and they told me to prime the pump fully and try it and sure enough it worked. It did the same thing later in the 8 hour remainder of the trip home and repriming the pump fixed it and let me keep driving. There are no obvious fuel leaks so seems like I probably have an air leak somewhere, I would think. Good to know, though, that there is a problem with the injectors. I will follow up with this with the shop so I don't get charged when I shouldn't. yhanks.

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    Good man. Glad you got home. Not an expert but I would check the plastic bleeder screw O ring and the screw itself on the filter. Screw may be cracked or the O ring bad. The filter head itself can crack if the filter is over tightened. Any of these would cause fuel drain back.
    Good luck.

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    Hi folks,
    I wish I could have read this before the dealer trip!! I had the same starting problem and changed the fuel filter..primed it & solved the problem. !! Then outguessing myself I went to the dealer...whoa..
    The said that my glowplug controller was bad, no communication.. but they couldn't duplicate it not starting!! Mind you now I was in 100degree weather. glowplug controller needed?
    I got taken for $289.. (they gave me a discount).. It still hurts.. no movies or dinner for awhile......kept the old part just for future checking.. aren't the dealers busy enough??
    Oh they also mentioned that it might be the "diesel injection pump apx $3317.00" I guess they are trying to "prime" my pump...
    Thanks for the insight and I will check in from time to time.. Other than this, my 2500hd has been a great workhorse..

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    If priming at the filter solved the starting issue, then you probably have a leak in a fuel line or the actually fuel filter assembly, if it continues to give you issues there is a rebuild kit for the fuel filter assembly or you can buy a new assembly
    It only has to be primed up to the filter assembly after that your fine, so your issue should be assembly and back to the tank,

    Da Kahuna
    $289 installed? because that is actually not too bad depending on your year
    the lb7 controller is a pain to get a can be a pain with the wires and it is even a pricey part in the aftermarket and unless you live somewhere that goes below freezing you will most likely never need your glowplugs

    Diesels can be hard to service sometimes so you may have to take it to the dealer unless you have a diesel shop around your area or a mechanic that you really trust because parts for those trucks are not cheap so you cant just throw parts at it to try and solve it

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    there is a service bullitin on glow plugs and controllers from gm...i had mine replaced free last winter
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