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Thread: 1980 silverado long bed - Adding a Fuel Tank ??

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    1980 silverado long bed - Adding a Fuel Tank ??

    Concerning a 1980 Silverado (Long Bed), would it be possible to add a fuel tank ? It's set up now as a 16 gallon on the passenger side. I do know the same tank will work on either side, of course the sender is different. Would both tanks fill ok using the existing filler neck ? I would have have to use a "T" and use fuel rated hose to reach the other tank. I would like to increase the capacity, but don't want to go through the trouble of adding another fill in the side of the bed.
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    I would not even try it heart ache ,and misery . But that is my opinion.
    Hard enough if you have fuel door on both sides.
    If you used a tee like your talking about take forever to fill other tank.

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    Oh man I wouldn't do it. It was done to my 77 silverado when my dad owned it. There was 3 of us and wow what a pain. I can't even begin to list the issues we ran in to. I had a mechanical switch on the floor in middle slightly under the bench. making the gas gauge read the other tank is hit or miss. Sometimes it would read the other tank sometimes it would not. That was the main problem I chased. Mouting the tank is not big deal, fuel neck was ran to the front of the rear fender. I got everything worked out, but it was a headache. I woudl never do it again. I'm sure you can find an over size tank from Titan you can just put in place for your stock tank.

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    Alright, thanks for the info. I was just having some thoughts while the truck is pulled apart.

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    oversize tank is easier, but at a yard you can get everything for ~100$ from a 77 with saddle tanks

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    check out trans-flow replacement tanks!
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