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Thread: 1996 Chevy Brake lights

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    1996 Chevy Brake lights

    I have a 1996 Chevy Silverado c3500 Crew Cab. Brake lights and 3rd brake light do not work. The following do work:
    1) running lights
    2) turn signals
    3) hazard flashers.
    I can hear the brake relay click when I depress the brake pedal. I have replaced the switch, relay. the fuse is good and my electric brake controller lights up. I am leaning toward a defective turn signal switch. I do have power at the stop fuse(20A).

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    Check your grounds alot of the times its the one behind the back bumper under the bed that is bolted to the frame. Also alot of times that curcuit board on the tail lights goes bad ( the part that the bulbs go into). That is two common problems that i have run into.

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    You check both brake fuses?Theres one under the hood and one on the left side of the dash.I would start with the fuses then check for power to the bulb and check for a good ground.One wont check out then go from there after checking both fuses.
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    Welcome to the forum Garandguy

    Stop/Haz fuse maybe wrong, should be 15A?.
    Maxi fuse #2 30A is the other one to check.

    From your post...
    #3 says Stop/Haz fuse is fine
    #1 says your grounds are not the problem
    #2+#3 says the wiring from turn switch to bulbs, plus bulbs, are fine.

    Might have been turn/combo switch in that case except for 3rd brake.
    That does not go through turn/combo switch.

    Wondering: 3rd light and relay get hot from exact same place
    independent of the turn switch. That's the brake switch.
    I know it was replaced, but was it tested ?
    3rd light should work just fine with both relay and turn switch removed.

    Stop/Haz fuse#1 sends Org wire to BrakeSwitch (hot at all times)
    BrakeSwitch sends hot out on Wht wire to several places.
    3rd light, TurnSw, relay control, Cruise.

    You say controller lights up, making wonder if it's a splice job gone bad.
    If you jump 12v at the brake switch the 3rd light should light, that simple.
    If you have 12v at the switch from Stop/Haz on Org wire
    (pull fuse to confirm looking at correct wire, color may change)
    Jump that to output in empty socket (switch unplugged) likely white wire
    Replace fuse. If 3rd light is still off, local wire problem.
    If light comes on, switch bad or adjustment is wrong.

    This problem can be hunted and fixed with no key, reducing short hazard.

    My 2 cents anyways. Let us know what you find.

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    Brake lights

    I checked the relay . I had power on one side when the pedal was depressed and none on the other side. I checked the Maxi Fuse and that was it. Thanks for all the input. I was going the wrong direction to begin with so I had to back up and read the schematic closer and realized there are 2 fuses.

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    Also found reason for blown fuse. When I checked the wiring to the brake controller I noticed the splice from the brake light switch was exposed.

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    Good deal garandguy.

    Thanks for posting the details and final update, helps others,

    Good call zombie

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