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Thread: 83 K10 fuel tanks wont switch

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    83 K10 fuel tanks wont switch

    Have an 83 chevy and tanks wont switch over. When I first got the truck it ran off the Drivers sidem and wouldnt switch to the pass side. I replaced the switch and nothing. Replaced the selector valve. The new valve must have been set for the pass side which it now runs off, but wont switch to the drivers side. I know both tanks are sending fuel. I also tested the wiring to the valve, had someone hit the switch while I used a test light on the plug to the valve and it is sending a "signal" to switch over. Any ideas? or could it just be a bad valve that I got from the parts store?? Wouldnt be the first replacement part I got that was bad out of the box.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Believe on that truck it does not 'send a signal'
    but rather reverses the polarity of hot and ground from switch.
    If you are seeing a hot at valve, suggest you confirm ground at switch.

    Here's a related link: 1987 chevy tbi - wiring switch to dual pumps

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    Wiring diagram for dual fuel tanks

    The above link shows the wiring diagram for dual fuel tank setups in Chevy trucks. Like crabtruck said, I would bet the problem is in one of the grounds. I have run into the very problem (and solution being the ground) in my ride.

    Hope it helps.

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