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Thread: sloppy steering on lifted 95 Z71-bad steering box?-how can I check?

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    sloppy steering on lifted 95 Z71-bad steering box?-how can I check?

    Ok so tomorrow the front end fixing begins, My 95 Z71 4x4 lifted 9 inches on 37's has really sloppy steering. Its not the tires because my 35's did the same thing. I just feel alot of play in the steering. Just going straight down the road is a little bit of a challange Im constantly steering, it feels like theres a good few inches of play in the steering wheel. I plan on replacing the inner and out tierods if she needs them, going over all nuts and bolts make sure everything it tight, and Im getting an alignment. Before I get the alignment I wanna make sure everything else up front has been taken care of. A couple days ago while doing a tuneup I gave the steering shaft going into the steering box a wiggle and it had alot of play in it, alot of play. Could that be a bad steering box I saw a couple at the junkyard last week I could pick one up for cheap I just wanna make sure it needs replacing first. What can I do to verify the steering box needs replacing. Any tips or info will help, thanks

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    I would look at the pitman arm.

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    Get yourself an assistant. Position the ignition key so the steering wheel is unlocked, but DO NOT start the engine even though you have power steering. Have your assistant place a hand on top of the steering wheel and slowly and steadily turn the steering wheel back and forth about 3 inches or whatever is comfortable. Crawl under the truck and carefully inspect all possible worn joints, you will easily spot the worn parts as your assistant slowly and steadily moves the steering wheel back and forth. Guaranteed to work.

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    I would double check all steering parts that were modified for the lift, also look for parts that were not modified that may be at a strain poin because of the lift
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    ok that will be the first thing I do today thanks, now say everything under the truck looks good and tight would it be safe to say the play is from the steering box or is that very rare?...Junk yard closes between 4 and 5 so if thats the case im gonna try and make it there so I can get this all done tonight.

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    They can last forever or not . There is a preload adjustment as well as an adjuster on them to set it ..It looks like the float adjuster on a Holley carb only larger . Given your set up a lot of the parts are under more load or stress as opposed to factory .Check the steering shaft itself as well as the rag joint .I know they sell an upgraded one for off road heavy-duty use for $300.00 or so .Do like 885spd suggested and good luck .
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