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Thread: loss oil pressure and antifreeze 2004 5.3L silverado

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    loss oil pressure and antifreeze 2004 5.3L silverado

    I have a 2004 Silverado 5.3L with 154,000 that has 2 maybe 3 problems and wonder if they could possibly be related to a single cause.
    1. I have an intermittent loss of oil pressure. The pressure as one would expect is dependent on the rpm when rpm is 1000 or greater there is no engine knock when the rpm drops to under 700 the pressure drops to the point where the engine starts to knock. The problem self corrects lasting about 8000miles (2 oil changes) only to return. This has happened 3 times now.
    2. There is a cold start tapping that lasts from a few seconds to 2 or 3 mins.
    3. The antifreeze disappears at the rate of 1 gal per 3000 miles. There are no apparent leaks, oil appears normal, and no noticeable exhaust changes.

    Other than these issues the truck runs great getting about 18 miles per gal. Any suggestion?

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    Need to do a pressure check on cooling system. Sure coolant is not getting in oil ...causing the other problem with pressure and knock.
    Coolant going somewhere if not on ground ..out the exhaust ..or oil ..or both.

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    I would top of the coolant drive it the 300o miles, checking oil ever so often see if oil level goes up if it does your getting coolant in the oil somehow. If its doing that the oil should be turing a brown or milky white.
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    loss oil pressure and antifreeze 2004 5.3L silverado

    Thanks for the ideas. The oil always looks good, the truck uses about 1 qt of oil in 2500 miles. I will do A PRESSURE CHECK for the antifreeze loss problem. Having low oil pressure which returns to normal remains a mystry to me. I am thinking the oil and antifreeze problems must not be related if there is no sign of antifreeze in the oil.

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    oil pressure could be a pump problem, the relief valve may be sticking in the do the spark plugs look? pressure test to 18#'s and look hard!
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