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Thread: Different stock tire sizes on the '06 2500 crewcab duramax

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    Different stock tire sizes on the '06 2500 crewcab duramax

    I'm new to the forum. I've read a couple of threads on my question but I'm going to ask anyways.
    I've noticed that some of you guys out there that have the same truck as mine (2006 2500 crewcab duramax) had the tire size 265 75 16 for a stock size. my stock size was 245. So my question is if I put a 265 on, will it rub or do I need to put a leveling kit in. I don't want to crank up the torsion bars. it rides rough enough already.

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    265,S will be good if it is a 4x4 you can go up to 285,s with no rub. 245,s do look small on your truck. read again Torsion bars yours is 4x4 most times will be 245,s.. if a z71 or another package will be 265,s
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    What ^^ said...

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    do you have the extra 2 option on it? it is a factory 2 in higher suspension
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    It's a 4x4. no z71 package. and I don't believe it has the "2 option" it does look a little funny with 245's on it. I cant believe they put that small of a tire on it. I'm looking at leveling kits. some sites say you need to know the color mark that's on the key and some say you don't need to know. well which is it. I think I have a purple mark. any brand that I should be looking at? money really isn't an option. they all run under $250, unlike a lift kit in that runs in the thousands of dollars. so that's pretty affordable.

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