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Thread: what year did chevy trucks get disc brakes in rear??

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    what year did chevy trucks get disc brakes in rear??

    thanks for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93bluesilverrad View Post
    thanks for the info
    i think it was around 2000.

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    Didn't they switch to disc brakes in the rear and then a few years later, ditch the idea and go back to drums? I was told it was because the drums actually performed better because in a truck....most of your braking power is up front anyway. 2000 sounds about right and I think it was maybe 2005 or 2006 that they went back to drums.

    Can I ask what you are asking this for? It might help us better tell you what you are really wanting to know here.

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    99 was first year 05 was the last can still get as a option.
    But gm was spending to much money on warranty on rear disc rotor warp..premature brake wear.
    Like said drum brakes will stop the truck faster.

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