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Thread: bleeding slave cylinder on 99 s-10

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    bleeding slave cylinder on 99 s-10

    how long does it wife is pumping and holding, I'm getting air but no fluid. any suggestions...Need an answer asap thanks

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    Those tings are a real "PAIN".
    Do You have a basic vacuum pump set with the vacuum cup for bleeding brakes ???
    I worked on one of those things for three days before I got it completely bled out.
    I back bled the one I was messing with, that finally did the trick.
    From Harbor freight, I picked up a bleeding system that allowed Me to pour some fluid into a container then, by using a pressure regulator on the air hose, forced fluid through the slave cylinder and back up to the master.
    It took a little bit of adapting but it worked.
    Also, You should be able to open the bleeder and fluid should eventually begin to run out of slave cylinders bleeder screw, without pumping the pedal.
    have You just replaced the components or were they causing You some problems and You are now just bleeding them out ???

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