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Thread: Lt1 Engine Swap

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    Question Lt1 Engine Swap

    Ok Guys, I need some ideas. I have a 1990 Silverado that I have done an LT1 engine swap. The engine and trans came out of a 94 Z28 camaro. Everything was fine until one day I no longer had third gear. Heard this happens with these tranny's. I never did seem to get the shift points right, think the rear that was in the truck just wasn't meant for this swap. I am replacing the trans and am looking into a better rear end that will match up to this. I need to know if anyone has any ideas of what will be a better match. Once new trans is installed I do not want to blow it up.


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    275 the engine stock or modded. LT1 engine swap huh.....that's awesome. A lot of aftermarket parts for this bad boy. Thinking you're gonna be a bit of a lead foot with this you might wanna stiffen up those leaves on the rear axle too.
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    You have a 10 bolt in the truck, and the Camaro had a 10 bolt. If you are looking to install a lower gear, then you are on the right track. However that TH700R4 will go out again if you do not have the TV cable installed, routed, or adjusted correctly. If the trans was a stock unit from 94' then it might just be possible that it was just tired, and was ready for a re-build anyway. I do not believe that the rear end had anything to do with its failure.

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    Yeah lots of mods. Painless wiring helped alot though. Still working on getting the airconditioning set up. The trans is the stock trans from the camaro. Maybe your right and it was just tired. The car had 120,000 miles on it. Love the truck now Lots of power. **** tires keep going bald though.

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    tv cable is easy to adjust. i agree with 75K. i cant see how the tranny burnt up like that over a rear gear.

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