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Thread: Truck frame dimensions

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    Truck frame dimensions

    Hello, I am new to the forum, but I already have questions. I am wanting to know if anyone can tell me the wheelbase and side-to-side dimensions of a couple of Chevy truck chassis.
    First is a 1973-1987 long bed regular cab. I would also like to know the same dimensions of a 1988 -1992 regular cab Chevy.
    I am wanting to put a 1965 body on one of these frames. I am going with a 4X4 chassis. I have a lead on both style trucks. I don't mind if I have to move cab pedistals, but I DO NOT want to alter the body in order to make it fit. I know a guy who is doing this type of a convertion and he had to add 11 inches somewhere. He made his truck an extended cab, which works out nice, but I don't have that kind of time or money. I just want a "simple" swap. Any information is greatly appreciated. If you want, you may e-mail me directly at Again thanks in advance.

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    i'll get back with you in a day or 2. my dads truck is a 73 reg cab long bed. i have to go to my bro. house and get it!
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