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Thread: rear brakes locking up

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    rear brakes locking up

    I purchased a 91 C1500 a short time ago and have been working on getting it into shape. I backed out of the garage today and one of the rear brakes locked up on the snow, without even touching the brake pedal. I pulled forward and continued to back up without any more trouble. I pulled the rear drums and everything looked okay. Has anyone experienced this. Do these trucks have the long shoe and short shoe like the old chevs had. If so, this truck does not have a short shoe. Any input would help. thanx. wnk.

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    yup should have a long/short. check the other side to see if they put both shorts on one side.
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    Let me tell you what happeneed with me and 88 k1500. When I would back up the drivers side rear wheel would lock up on me. I would go forward seemed to free up and off I went. Well it got to the point one day it would no longer free up and after going back and forth in 4 wheel drive it finally let go. When I looked what had happened was the rear shoe had come off its perch and it would twist in the drum locking it up. The last time it locked up I tore everything up and had to replace not only the shoes, but the backing plate too, because the riveted part at the bottom was ripped out, and wheel cylinder. So check that. The other thing that could cause locking up I found on my car was the rear axle leaking gear oil into the drum and onto the shoes. Seemed to clear up a little after I sprayed it all down with brake cleaner but the fluid has ruined the shoes and need to be replaced.

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    i sure hoped you fixed the leak as well when you sprayed it down with brake cleaner. (dont mean to hijack thread)

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