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Thread: 1977 dodge d100 360 - mpg improvement ?

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    1977 dodge d100 360 - mpg improvement ?

    i have a 1977 dodge d100 360 auto i picked it up in CA
    after it was sitting for about 8 years
    got it charging and drove it back to WA that week.

    I was only getting 10mpg on the way back
    it still has ac and passes CA smog and has a 2bbr carb
    is there anything i can do you improve the mpg

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    not very well out of that 360. the 360 was more of a powerhouse to the 318 but to gain the power, they sacrificed alot of fuel economy. afterall, gas wasnt 3.79 back in those years. best things that will have the best results is keeping everything clean, tight, and driving habits.

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    Are you talking 10 mpg on the highway? You ought to get better than that, say at least 12 mpg highway. Carb could be set rich, bakes dragging.
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