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Thread: 2004 Ford Ranger Battery Light on

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    Question 2004 Ford Ranger Battery Light on

    I have a 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0L that the battery light started flickering and then came on all the time. Replaced the battery with no chage. Had the alternator tested at Auto Zone, two tests passed as good. Checking for loose connections now, serpentine belt is tight and looks good. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the forum ADK.
    That's not southern for IDK I hope.

    Have you checked the batt voltage when the truck is off,
    and what it is when truck is running ?
    Could be good compoments but not connected well,
    loose or damaged connections. That "charge" light
    is really a voltage light, so numbers would be helpful.

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    Sometimes those ranger's, you have to reset the computer after a bad code from battery. Also if you changed the battery, do yourself a favor. Put new cable ends on. Best if you can crimp them on. The negative on those Trucks has to be 100%

    Ford puts cheap ends on to last about 4 -5 years. They get nasty on the inside of cable ends and you can't see it.

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    Sounds like an alternator going south... pretty common.

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    Agreed. Could be alternator. Could be battery terminal cables.

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