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Thread: Replacing fenders on F350

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    Replacing fenders on F350

    I have decided to replace both front fenders on my 92 F350. Looking things over with the hood up it appears one would have to remove everthing attached to the fenders. It also appears I will have to remove the batteries on both sides to gain access to what appears to be some fasteners. The wheel well shields are pretty much detached from the fender at this point due to the rust, but are still solid. Have located other fasteners that will have to be removed also, along the fender. Am I on track? Any further advise and direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you got your new fenders , just look at them for locating where they are fastened and that would give you an idea what has to be removed to replace your fenders

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    remove the hood first!
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    Thanks guys. I didn't think there was much more to it as far as removal goes.

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    Well, so far the job isn't going too bad. Of course you learn as you go along. From what I have found to remove a fender on a 1992 F350 one needs to....and not specifically in this order.

    A. Take the door off. I had to remove the lower door hinge because of the difficulty getting to one bolt. The angle was difficult with the hinge in the way for slipping in the socket with extension, swivel extension, etc.
    B. Remove grill
    C. Remove Headlamp, Turnlamp, and Running lamp. These come out in one piece mounted in the Headlight door.
    D. Remove battery or batteries. I even removed the battery pan on thepassenger side to give a bit more room to work behind the headlight assembly. Wasn't necessary on the driver side. Probably wasn't necessary on the passenger side after thinking about it now.
    E. I removed the washer and coolant resavoir on the drivers side for convenients sake also.

    I had a broken grille mount so am replacing it with a new grille. Also had a broken headlight door on the passenger side so am replacing that also along with the other side. Deer got in the way a summer ago. Going from grey to black this time. Total for those three parts including shipping was $68. Header panel was intact which is good. I got what I think was a decent deal on the fenders as they were in someone's garage collecting dust for quite awhile. Got both of them for $70 a piece. I really want to replace both headlamps as the adjustment screws are froze up. It's an interesting set up. They come with the new headlamp assembly. Of course when you take all these parts off you notice some other things that you feel need replacing which shouldn't be a surprise for a 1992. The radiator mount is showing a lot of rust and should be replaced....eventually, I think. It is still solid and stable and not moving but just looks bad in a couple of spots and will get worse. I figure it has some time left and I can go back to that as another project in the future.

    If I knew what I was doing before I started this project and had the $ available I would have purchased the whole headlight window, grille, header panel assembly as a set, and all light housing included except bulbs. You can get a serious discount if you shop a bit. Actually ebay had the best prices for this type of set up for new. Another outfit out there, called Carparts Wholesale has competitve prices.

    After all is said and done, at first I wondered why I took this on, once you start figuring things out it is not so bad. As I go along I can see how do it yourself restoration projects can be gratifying. Today I run into town to pick up hardware needed. Will let you know how it all comes back together which I heard is another story.

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