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Thread: 1989 F350 7.3 nonturbo Diesel Start Problem

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    Question 1989 F350 7.3 nonturbo Diesel Start Problem

    Need some help. I have a 1989 F350 7.3 non-turbo Diesel that doesn't start up in the morning when its cold or hot. have to use starting fluid to get it started if it sits for more than 6 or so hours. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like you have an air intrusion problem causing fuel to drain back when it sits for any length of time. The most common cause of this is bad fuel return lines (pipes that run between the fuel injectors). Fitting a new return line kit usually solves the problem.
    Another cause could be bad glowplugs. How long does your Wait To Start light stay on? When cold should be around 10-15secs. Less than that and you could have one or more bad glowplugs.
    Use as little ether as possible, easy to break piston rings on these engines.

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    im with case. glowplugs or does it have an intake heater. not to familiar with automotive diesels.

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    I also agree with Case bad glow plugs or it's losing prime in the fuel system and sucking air.

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    my vote would be something with the glow plugs, either a few bad glow plugs or a malfunctioning controller, but it could be fuel related as well.
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    i just bought a 90 with a 7.3 and it did the same thing. i bought new glow plugs for it and it starts without starting fluid as long as it is above 20 degrees outside. if its colder than that i have to plug it in at night.

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    i agree with checking the glow plugs, since it starts with the block heater. something else to try is to double cycle the glow plugs before trying to start it, however if there are too many bad ones it won't help
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