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Thread: 2000 F250 Superduty speedo abs problems

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    2000 F250 Superduty speedo abs problems

    I have a 2000 F-250 Superduty with the Powerstroke.The speedo quit,the abs quit,over drive light flashes,and the cruise doesn't work.All happened at the same time.I changed the speed sensor didn't help.Took it to the dealer and they said it was the abs module.I changed that, still didn't work. Does anybody have any ideas what the problem might be.Also checked the wiring it was all ok. I'm at a loss.

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    Have you pulled the codes yet? If the OD light is flashing there is a code. Not sure if it would have anything to do with the speedo or abs. I would say speed sensor but you already changed it.
    John Wayne

    2000 F-350 7.3L Powerstroke 4x4

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