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Thread: Which Fluid for Electronic Transfer Case?

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    Which Fluid for Electronic Transfer Case?

    The techs at my stealership argued about this one.

    2007 Sierra 2500HD 4x4

    Manual says use AutoTrak II for automatic transfer case.

    Manual says use GM Manual Trans Fluid for manual transfer case.

    Operating instructions show

    1. Automatic Transfer Case (push buttons)

    2. Manual Transfer Case (Shift Lever)

    3. Electronic Transfer Case ( different push buttons)

    Mine is electronic.

    One argument is that the Electronic TC is clasiffied as an automatic.

    The other is that it is manual, just with electric motors shifting instead of a shift lever.

    A number of dudes on other forums have different opinions also, however there are numerous mentions that Dexron III ATF can be used in the manual TC instead of GM MTF. A GM service bulletin confirms that.

    Okay - let's hear about it!

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    I`m not sure about what GM recommends but ford uses ATF in all their transfer cases... new process and borg warner The old cast iron cases used gear oil but the aluminum cases all use ATF.

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    Cast iron cases and gear oil is a good rule of thumb, However the exception would be the "Full time" NP 203 it cant use ger oil, it will burn up, but the aluminum cases do use ATF.
    It simply has do do with lubrication and not really with pushbottons, or how the case selections are accomplshed.

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    I have a New Process 246 transfer case in my 2000 Sierra 1500. The dealer service manager just told me I MUST use the dealer "special mix" because it is teflon based and anything else will trash the T case. $12.99 per quart...there goes my beer money

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    i would go with the TSB bulliten... those are posted when there is an "issue" with what was originally specified, kind of like recalls.
    im a straight shooter with upper management written all over me

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    GM Service Helpline took 2 days to come back with answer.
    The "Electronic" (GM's Term) TC is considered a manual TC . Only the AutoTrak is automatic.

    GM Bulletin 1838912:
    "If fluid part number 88861800 U.S. (88861801 Canada) is unavailable when servicing a manual transmission or transfer case, Dexron III can be used in it's place. DO NOT use Dexron VI in place of the manual transmission fluid in any manual transmissions or transfer cases as a failure may result"

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    Thanks for following up GeeJay, and welcome to the forum.

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    There are 5 different possible transfer cases, 4 of which use Dexron VI...
    The only one that uses AutoTrak (GM P/N 88861800 )is the automatic which is desiganted The New Venture Gear (NVG) 261, RPO NP2

    Check your RPO chart in the glove box for the Code NP2, if you don't have it, yours uses Dexron VI (GM P/N 88861003).

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