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Thread: '97 GMC 5.7 Sierra Z71 needs OE Plugs

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    Loss of milage is a direct coralation with the amount of alcohol in the gas. I quit using it because of that.


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    I use NGK V-Power plugs they have done me right even with having a MSD set up and I have left them on there LONG to where when I removed them the gap was SUPER wide the electrode wore down I guess because of such a hot spark and being so old and it was still giving me good mileage to boot. Im waiting to hear from this other member about what he says about e3 plugs im probably going with them since I want the most for my money and my set up I agree using factory parts are good just see how long a water pump last or what Delco plug wires last compare to cheap auto zone stuff or mickey mouse brands.

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    Good news. MPG up from 16 to almost 20MPG highway. It has fallen back to just about 19MPG then up again to 20MPG on another trip. The better plugs, OE, has made an improvement of 20-25% increase in mileage. I'd also say the plugs I replaced were due to be canned as well.

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