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Thread: Removing Idle Mixture Plugs

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    Removing Idle Mixture Plugs

    How do I remove the idle mixture plugs from the Quadrajet on my 1983 GMC C3500 with 454?

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    You're talking about the little brass caps that are keeping you from accessing the heads of the screws? If so, you will destroy the little caps to get them out. A tiny drill bit to make a hole and a dental pick to get them out.

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    I use a drywall screw. I screw it in just to the first thred, just enough to hold the plug, and I pull on the screw. These things pop out easilly.
    I have also run the screw in far enough that the screw makes contact against the adjustment screw and after a slight turn (by hand) the plugs also pop right out.
    They are pretty easy to get out.

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    take the carb off, flip it over, look for 2 dots by each cap, with a hacksaw blade cut a groove about 3/8' toward the center of the carb from both dots, chip the piece out and tap the cap out.
    That's how we used to do it!
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