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Thread: cruise control '99 Tahoe

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    cruise control '99 Tahoe

    Have a 99 chevy tahoe LT cruise control not working fuse is good,there is no vacume hoses on cruise control unit. What is the problem?
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    it could be anything from the cruise control module , the multi position swith on colum to the brake switch or even the ecm , with out further testing with test light and a muli-meter it's a **** shoot . you could try scanning for codes also. post back and let us know what you foumd out .


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    Like shd said, way too many possibilities with that little info.
    Can start with some basics though: is cable hooked tight from CC mod to eng?
    Is wire connector clean and tight at CC mod ?
    Are switch connections tight at brake (and clutch if man) ?

    If you have one of the radios with the speed effected volumes: work ok ?
    That's a shared signal wire from ECM to CC and radio.

    Does everything else on truck work right ? speedo, brake lites etc.
    Do try to get codes pulled - could be a huge help.

    Drawing just for reference:
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    All the other things i checked.i do need to run the codes, the engine check light is on but went i had it turned off and the cruise still do not work.And I did in a cd player and the cigar light does blow the fuse for the lighter.

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    Try changing out the brake switch. It cost $10 and be sure to pick up a new switch retainer clip before you start. Its cheap enough and solved my problem.
    Good luck.

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