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Thread: 99 gmc bad starter?

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    99 gmc bad starter?

    i have a 99 gmc sierra with the 5.3L v8 one day i turned the key forward and all the lights came on but starter wouldnt even crank. i checked the battery connections and the starter connections but nothing looked bad. so out of frustration i gave the starter a good whack with a wrench and it worked. the problem has come back after a couple months did the same thing with my wrench and it worked again. now 4 months down the road i have to do it every time i try and start the truck any ideas whats up. i dont want to spend the cash on a new starter if the problem could be something else plus i am going to be getting a new truck soon so i just need it to start up as i try and sell it.

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    Sounds like starters pretty much done
    U can buy rebuild kits but I'd just go get a new one there not bad on the wallet
    You might want to make sure all the electrical connections are okay on it

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    save the agravation and change it, someone buying it will not want to se you hitting the starter to start, they will think there is a lot more wrong with it even if there isn't
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    I figured thats what you guys were going to say just wanted to make sure though. Thanks for your input.

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