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Thread: GMC Sierra hard to replace AC compressor?

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    GMC Sierra hard to replace AC compressor?

    I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD and the AC compressor appears to be very old, and the belt is missing, so I am assuming it is messed up. How hard is it to replace this part on my own?
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    alot more fun than the previous engine. GM thought it funny to mount it on the bottom versus on top of the engine like it had done for the previous 30 years. it isnt too bad. you will find that it has a single v belt behind the serpentine that drives everything else. as for charging the compressor correctly, you really need the appropriate tools.

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    I recently replaced the compressor on my GMC van and surprisingly it wasn't too hard. If you have direct access like the earlier post mentioned it should be easy.

    Mine had seized up and tore up the clutch. Clutch was a real PITA and proved impossible to remove on my van. New clutch assy was about $80 and a new compressor(with clutch) was $200 at Advance Auto.

    Buy a can of oil to add to the unit once it's mounted. The new compressor may not have a pressure switch on it so you need to yank the one from the old unit or buy a new switch.

    If there is a belt on there it won't work with the comp in place. They make 2 belts; a longer one for vehicles with AC and a shorter one without AC.

    Is the compressor seized? You want to check the ports for shavings. If they are present you need a tech to clean the lines and replace the orafice or cap tube.

    I replaced my compressor and left the clutch unhooked until I had an AC tech check the system.

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