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Thread: Roof Leak

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    Roof Leak

    2010 gmc sierra regular cab
    - I've had the truck for a couple of months and noticed water dripping from the vanity lamp cover in center of roof. Also noticed water from the a-post plug on the driver's side. Anyone else have this issue? This would explain the fogging issue with the windows I have been experiencing as well.

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    i would check your seams along the roof.. water cant really travel up so i doubt it would be coming from the windsheild.. i would focus on the roof seam along the back of the cab or along the sides. btw take it to the dealer first to report the problem and see if they have a fix for it

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    2010 i would take it to dealer , have them check it out. If you start trying too fix it they might have issues with it . My thoughts.

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    I have had problems with keeping the windows clear, and just noticed water in the vanity lamp also. I took it to the dealer before I noticed the water in the light, and they checked out the defrost system and found nothing wrong. Please post your result if you take it to the dealer.

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