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Thread: 2006 Sierra 4.3 1500 ignition problem

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    Question 2006 Sierra 4.3 1500 ignition problem

    Today I went to start my truck and it just clicked. The lights in the instrument panel did not come on and the truck will not start. I wiggled the key a little and that made all the lights come on but still a click when I try to start it. Played with it a bit more and noticed a noise comming from dash like a tiny motor resetting the gauges. Them with the key out the dash lights come on and so did the cab light and the clock. They went outand now even the warning bells won't work with the key in and the door open. Very puzzling, tested the batt it is ok. Ignition switch?

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    will either be tumbler for key or ignition switch .
    Switch is located on down inside column.
    Here is info how to change tumbler How Do I Change the Ignition Cylinder in a 2005 GMC Sierra Truck? |
    Here is info how to test ignition switch GM truck bad ign. switch
    Just click on red links if i find info how to change switch will post.

    Gitter done have fun. Running on empty...running blind...running behind.....

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