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Thread: auto transmission won't shift and rpm& speed guages don't work

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    I just had this same problem, it is the trans cpu module. The part is around $150.00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcer
    The two guages and the transmission not shifting by itself both stopped working at same time. I bought a new transmission three years ago never had any problems with it. I took truck into a good place to have it checked and was told its not the transmission but probably something to do with something in the electronics. He hooked up a computer to my truck just to see if it was reading a rpm signal. It did. It just was not reaching my my rpm gauge. So somehow the 2 gauges not working and the auto transmission not shifting are somehow connected somewhere I guess. I can still drive the truck but I have to manually shift from second to third to start or I just leave it in third. First gear and Drive don't work right now either. My wife was driving one time and she said the gauges all of a sudden started working for just a min and the truck auto shifted fine before it went back to not working. Does anyone know what is causing this? I've heard it could be the computer itself or something called a vulcan module ( i think that what it was called). Any ideas and if it is that module is it a fairly cheap item and where is it located?
    My truck is a 1995 gmc sierra 350 5.7L 4x4 1500

    Also I broke the door handle. where can I buy or do I have to go to dealer?
    Friend with the same year truck has gone through 3 tranny's just driving....
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    have a '99 GMC Z71 w/ 200K miles. was out putting out some political campaign signs and tranny started shifting really hard, thought it would jump out the chasis. did it several times, then stopped for gas, restarted and drove off like nothing had ever happened! stopped at dealership and they said that if there was no message on the trouble screen in the dash then there was no reason to check for any codes? days later stopped for coffee and when I tried to pull off truck would barely move. stopped, shut it down, waited ~30 sec. and restarted engine and then pulled off like nothing ever happened.
    someone mentioned a "cpu" what and where is it??

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    Sounds more like shift solenoids
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