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Thread: 97 Gmc Sonoma Is Stuck In 4 Wd Drive

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    97 Gmc Sonoma Is Stuck In 4 Wd Drive

    Hi, My truck is stuck in 4 wd, I have an automatic tranny. First of all I think this might help.... My hubby was pulling a small trailor with small goats, AC ,RADIO,CB, Everything on. To get up the hill, he Put it in 4wd. Then he could not get it out. Then driving home anyway, The battery is going dead. He barely made it home. Alternator went out, so I replaced that. runs fine, But still stuck, what do i do???? Any ideas?????

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    sounds like button is stuck or the relay to engage the 4wd is stuck closed. but did you try to drive it reverse. i think i heard that will sometimes dissengage, help with that guys.
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    4wd stuck

    I tried it for a few seconds, I'll try again and do it longer. where would the relay be????

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    Sounds like your actuator is frozen. Need to take some electrical readings at the wires and see if it is getting the signal or not. If it is not then probally the relay under the hood.
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