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Thread: 86 GMC Short Bed 350 4x4 For Sale

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    86 GMC Short Bed 350 4x4 For Sale

    hey guys, i have an 86 GMC. Its had some work done to it because the previous owner... well, liked to do work to it. not because it was in an accident or anything. He put some new doors on, new gas tanks, this and that... and a new crate engine. 350 from GM. I do not have proof of this however, but i have no reason to not believe him, as I've known him for a few years, and know he works on race cars in the local area, and likes working on his trucks. anyways, its not a perfect truck, interior is alright, theres a cover on the seats, ive never taken it off, i have a new carpet that can go in it, never put it in. In all, its an alright truck... nothing great, but if you like working on trucks, you can make this thing great. I just can't afford the gas because I have a ways to drive to work, i also have a sports car and dont need a truck really. I'm basically asking for offers on it. Thanks,

    milage- 128,xxx (new motor at about 100k)
    color- dark blue
    short bed, fleet side
    im sure im forgetting a ton of things, just ask.
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    forgot to post, just passed inspection two days ago, and the steps on the side have been taken off, new brake in the front passenger, new tires in the back (last year, but barely any driving on them, the truck sits alot)

    and im in southern maine, 40 miles from new hampshire border

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    Hey zippy, glad you could join just to advertise your truck, anyhow try posting your for sale stuff in the classified section .
    Window tint its for window, Not for tail lights. Don't be that guy .

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    how much are wanting out of this truck, and how far would you deliver to(Gorham)

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