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Thread: 94 Mazda B3000 rough idle?

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    94 Mazda B3000 rough idle?

    Hello I am new to the forum and could really use some help.

    I have a 94 Mazda B3000 Automatic with 180,000 miles. Recently had a problem with error code 327 and fixed that with a new EGR sensor. Code went away but the truck idles very rough and gets 13 mpg. No new codes have been thrown. Also it smoothes out a bit when driving until I get into overdrive and the RPM goes below 2000 and it gets worse.

    I cleaned the EGR valve and checked that it is opening at about 9 to 10 psi.

    Today I cleaned the MAP but still no change.

    Can anybody shed some light or point me in a direction?

    I would appreciate any help you can give.

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    I would try changing coolant temp sensor. Sounds maybe flooding out some.

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    Thanks for responding Chevychase. After cleaning the MAP yesterday I didn't see any change. This morning going to work the truck still wasn't right but it did run much smoother.
    I will look at the coolant temp sensor. I still plan on making sure all the vac hoses are good.


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    Well chevychase the coolant temp sensor was actually broken. The auto parts store could not find the part under mazda so we looked under Ford and found the part. The truck is still running rough so I pulled the plugs and found that it is running hot. The plugs where ashy white. I installed a new radiator (number 3 on my truck) a few months ago and seams to be running cool. So I was thinking that I must have an air leak on the intake for it to be running so lean.
    Any thoughts?
    Also what about diagnostic software or hand held tool?

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